Tapping Massage I Anti Wrinkle Face Yoga with Jade Roller

Publish Date: 01 Sep, 2022 |

Face Yoga: Have you ever wondered what transformation you can bring by practicing daily simple face yoga? the principle of face yoga, an emerging trend that promises to produce skin-lifting results without the use of pricey skin-care products, surgery, or even needles. It controls your facial muscles to relax your face, lessen facial puffiness, enhance facial symmetry, and promote collagen production for a radiant complexion.

Anti wrinkle face yoga with jade roller benefits

  1. Regulates blood circulation

  2. Releases toxins from the face

  3. Improves the flow of oxygen

What is a jade roller

The term "jade face roller" refers to a tool for facial contouring that has comparable rollers at each end. A beauty device called a jade roller uses a cool-to-the-touch gemstone to massage the face. Using a jade roller, a hand-held massager with origins in traditional Chinese medicine, you can roll it back and forth across your face for a few minutes at a time.


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