Tea, coffee and food will be cheaper in Indian Rail, IRCTC will remove service charge

Publish Date: 21 Jul, 2022 |

In the midst of rising inflation, the Railways has given relief to its passengers. Till now, on ordering food in the train, passengers had to pay a service charge of Rs 50 along with the fixed price and GST. Soon this service charge will be removed, which will make food items cheaper by Rs 50. The passenger will have to pay only the cost of Railway Food Items and GST. Railway Board has written a letter to IRCTC regarding this and has asked to implement it soon.

Tea and Coffee also for 20 rs

Now in the moving train, the passengers will get tea and coffee for Rs 20 only. That is, they will no longer have to pay an additional Rs 50 as service charge. Earlier it used to cost Rs 70 including tea, coffee service charges. The Railway Board has issued orders in this regard. Passengers who have not already booked catering service in trains will now be charged for catering under the new order.

In trains, if the passenger does not book the catering service with the ticket, then they find it expensive to order catering in the running trains. A service charge of Rs 50 had to be paid for any item ordered from the catering service in trains. Whether that thing is 20 rupees or 200 rupees. This made it very expensive for the passengers who ordered only tea, coffee in the second, third AC or chair car. They had to pay Rs 20 for tea and Rs 70 with coffee service charge.

Ministry of Consumer Affairs issues order

On July 4, the Ministry of Consumer Affairs issued an order that demanding service charge would amount to unfair trade practice, and no such service charge should be levied by any hotel or restaurant or any other institution.

In the same month, the Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA) had made new rules regarding service charges. CCPA has banned automatic service charge in the bill. That is, now customers in hotels and restaurants will not be forced to pay service charges. This will be a voluntary option.


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