Happy Teddy Day: Send these Cute and Cuddly Wishes, Quotes, and Teddy Day Shayari to your Valentine

Publish Date: 10 Feb, 2021
Happy Teddy Day: Send these Cute and Cuddly Wishes, Quotes, and Teddy Day Shayari to your Valentine

Happy Teddy Day: The fourth day of our romantic week is in the name of our furry friend Teddy Bear. Teddy has been one of the best friends of children and even adults. Be it the secret keeper, a shoulder to cry on or to be there for good night hugs. Teddy is there for any emotional support or for the days you feel alone or sad. 

Celebrating teddy day on the 4th day of valentine’s week celebrates the presence of emotional bonding and support. Gifting a teddy to someone you love once is a gesture to be there for them any time. Teddy also plays a role of proxy when your sweetheart is away from you and you miss them. 

Those round eyes, furry soft feel and squishy hugs make you fall in love with them instantly. 

Gift your loved one a teddy on teddy day and connect with them forever. While we have written some cute and heartfelt words to mirror your feelings.


Happy Teddy Day 2021

You always live within me

You always laugh with me

You make me smile and happy

And you always give me that warm, soft and touchy feeling

Just like a teddy bear 

You are always with me.

Happy Teddy Day Love!


HappyTeddy Day 2021 -  7th February 

A breath is a sign of life,

A beat is a sign of heart,

A teddy is a sign of love,

And your love is the sign of my life.

Happy Teddy Day!


Teddy Day 2021

I wish I was a teddy bear

that lay close to you,

So everytime you cuddled it.

I would be close to you.

Happy Teddy bear Day!


Happy Teddy Day 2021 Wishes

I am sending a Teddy to you.

Love the Teddy Bear.

Kiss the Teddy Bear

Hug the Teddy Bear

And keep that Teddy close to you

Because my teddy will be there with you when I am away

Happy Teddy Day Sweetheart!


Happy Teddy Day 2021

Its touch could heal a wound

its eyes could speak volumes

its smile can express much

and here's that teddy bear 

I bought it for you

just to say I love you!

Happy Teddy Day!


Happy Teddy Day to you and your love. 


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