Tension in Pakistan after the attack on Imran Khan, will the command be handed over to the army?

Publish Date: 04 Nov, 2022 |

There is a discussion everywhere about the attack on former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan. He was shot during a march of Imran Khan, in which Imran was injured. Since then, all the leaders and workers of Imran Khan's party in Pakistan have become fierce attackers against the government. Since this whole incident, there is a possibility of worsening of the situation in Pakistan. Even there is every possibility of civil war erupting in Pakistan.

Reason for the march

His party, under the leadership of Imran Khan, started the Hakiqi Azadi March against the Shahbaz Sharif government from October 28. The purpose of this march was to overthrow the government and conduct general elections in Pakistan. Alert had already been issued regarding the march and intelligence agencies were also keeping an eye on it. Overall, Imran Khan was once again trying to reach the PM's chair. 

Army may take command

The atmosphere in Pakistan has become more heated after Imran Khan was shot. The situation in Pakistan is now expected to worsen in the coming days. Imran Khan's supporters may be more furious. At the same time, given the current situation in Pakistan, the army can take command in its own hands. Martial law and some other similar measures can be taken in Pakistan. Due to which full power can come in the hands of the army for some time. 


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