Terrorist attack in Israel's East Jerusalem, 7 killed and 10 injured

Publish Date: 28 Jan, 2023 |
The shooting occurred on Friday inside a house of worship outside of Jerusalem, the capital of Israel. Ten individuals were injured and seven people were killed in this shooting. Police have classified the incident as a terrorist attack. Israel's Foreign Ministry was cited by the news organization Reuters in releasing this data. According to the police, the attacker was immediately shot and killed.

Terrorist attack in Israel

There were claims of shooting Friday at a place of worship on Neve Yaakov Street in Jerusalem, the Israeli capital. According to the Israeli emergency organisation, shots have been fired at a place of worship in Jerusalem. Eight people have already died in this tragedy, and perhaps ten more have been injured.

Nine people were killed by Israeli soldiers in the West Bank of Palestine a day earlier. The shooting incident occured a day after. Police claim that the shooting was a terrorist attack. The authority claims that the incident happened on Friday night in the northern part of East Jerusalem. According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, the number of Palestinians killed by Israeli forces this year has grown to 29. They include extremists, assailants of the Israeli people, and other terrorists.


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