The girl was shot in broad daylight in Patna, the girl student was returning from coaching, CCTV came in front. Viral Video

Publish Date: 18 Aug, 2022 |

Criminals have become fearless in Bihar. In the capital Patna, a student has been shot by an unknown criminal. The incident is being told on Wednesday, when this student was going home after studying from her coaching in the Sipara area of Beur police station area, when a criminal who had already ambushed shot the girl from behind. In a hurry, the girl's family members admitted her to a private nursing home in Bypass. She is currently undergoing treatment where the girl's condition has become critical.

Entire incident caught on CCTV

In the CCTV footage that surfaced, it can be seen that a boy is coming with a bag in his hand. He stops at the corner of the street. Then he tries to stop the girl coming from behind. But the girl does not stop. Meanwhile, Sirfira shoots the girl returning from coaching. This entire incident has been captured in CCTV. The injured girl student is undergoing treatment. But his condition is said to be serious.

The whole matter is of Sipara area of Patna on Wednesday morning. Where 15-year-old Kajal Kumari was shot. The entire incident has been captured in the CCTV camera installed nearby. In the 33-second video that has surfaced related to the incident, it has become clear that Kajal has been shot from behind at 7.36 am in the morning. 

To hide his identity, the boy wore a cap on his head and a mask on his face. A bag can also be seen in the hand of the boy seen in the video. As soon as he sees Kajal moving towards the street, he takes out a loaded pistol from his bag, walks a few steps behind Kajal and fires a bullet at her head. The girl fell there as soon as she was shot. After shooting, the accused fled across the road on foot.

Accused out of police custody

The age of the girl student is said to be 16 years. According to the police of Beur police station, in the initial investigation, the whole matter seems to be a love affair. According to the information, the person who shot the bullet has been identified. But till now he has not been arrested.


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