LPG Cylinder Price Hike: The increased cost of LPG gas worried the average person in UP, Kanpur residents have expressed their suffering

Publish Date: 01 Mar, 2023 |

The cost of LPG cylinders has gone up in advance of Holi. On the first day of the month, LPG cylinders for household use saw a Rs 50 price hike. The price of a 14.2 kilogramme household LPG cylinder has increased by Rs 50, according to news agency ANI. The cost of a 19 kg commercial cylinder has also gone up by Rs 350.50 at the same time.

Price of LPG in other cities

In Delhi, the cost of LPG has jumped from Rs. 1053 to Rs. 1103. LPG in Mumbai now costs Rs. 1102.50 a cylinder instead of Rs. 1052.50. LPG now costs Rs. 1129 instead of Rs. 1079 in Kolkata. Gas cylinders in Delhi were formerly priced at Rs. 1769, but they are now available for Rs. 2119.5. Similar price changes have occurred for gas cylinders in Mumbai (from Rs. 1721 to Rs. 2071.5), Kolkata (from Rs. 1870 to Rs. 2221.5), and Chennai (from Rs. 1917 to Rs. 2268).


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