The Kerala Story: Kapil Sibal demands immediate ban on the film 'The Kerala Story'

Aditi ShrivastavaPublish Date: 09 May, 2023

The Kerala High Court's decision to not ban the release of the movie "The Kerala Story" has been challenged by the petitioners in the Supreme Court. Senior attorney Kapil Sibal demanded an early hearing in the matter from the Supreme Court, arguing that the judge should immediately ban the movie.

 The release of the highly anticipated film 'The Kerala Story' has been given the green light by the Kerala High Court, which rejected a request to halt its release on May 5. In support of its decision, the Court has emphasized that the secular society of Kerala is open-minded enough to embrace the movie as it is. Furthermore, the Court has challenged the petitioners to explain how the fictional film could possibly create communalism or discord in society, as it is not a historical retelling of events. With this latest development, it is clear that 'The Kerala Story' is set to make a big impact on audiences across the region. 

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