The Kerala Story review: Adah Sharma starrer which made a lot of noise online by the release of its trailer has now hit the screens. Titled ‘The Kerala Story’ the film has been a burning topic on Twitter and other social media platforms since morning. From filing a petition in Supreme Court to ban the film for spreading propaganda to rewarding Rs. 1 crore to those who can prove the claims right, the controversy surrounding the film has made it a debatable topic everywhere. However The film's makers have defended their work, claiming that it is based on actual incidents and that its goal is to increase public awareness of the risks associated with radicalization. The film has been released in theaters on May 5th and from what we can see, the Adah Sharma starrer has started a wide range of contention. 

The Kerala Story review

The movie "The Kerala Story" claims that approximately 32,000 girls from Hindu and Christian backgrounds were deceived, lured and coerced into marrying Muslim men who later sent them to join ISIS in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. The movie focuses on the story of three young girls from Kerala, with Adah Sharma playing the role of Shalini, who reveals her tragic past in an interrogation room. Despite facing protests, the movie was released and includes dialogues and information that received applause from the audience who went to see it. However, the reaction is still divided on social media.  After watching the film, it may take some time to digest the message. Since the plotline is based on a very sensitive issue, it is important to let it sink in.

The Kerala Story twitter review

The Kerala Story

The film "The Kerala Story," starring Adah Sharma, centers around the life of Shalini Unnikrishnan, a nursing college student from Kerala. The movie depicts how Shalini and her friend were trapped in a romantic relationship by young Muslim men who later abandoned her after she became pregnant and took her to Syria. The story leaves the audience wondering about the fate of Shalini's family. The film presents this story in an engaging way, but the trailer has faced criticism, and a Muslim organization is offering a reward of Rs 1 crore for evidence supporting the claims made in the film. The movie is scheduled to release on May 5.