The Navy successfully tests MRSAM, a missile, will shock the enemy's senses in a matter of seconds

Publish Date: 07 Mar, 2023 |

Indian Navy has achieved another triumph. The Navy's Medium Range Surface to Air Missile was successfully flight tested from INS Visakhapatnam. The MRSAM performed admirably during the test, accurately hitting the target. MRSAM is entirely produced in India.

Taking this move will help India become more independent. Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) and Israel Aerospace Industry (IAI) have collaboratively developed it at BDL Hyderabad.

Specifications for Missiles

In September 2021, the MRSAM was added to the IAF fleet. This missile's unique feature allows it to hit numerous targets or approaching foes at once by turning 360 degrees. Also, within a 70-kilometer radius, this missile is capable of killing any other missiles, fighter aircraft, helicopters, drones, spy planes, and aerial adversaries. This includes the Battle Management System, Radar System, Mobile Launcher System, Advanced Long Range Radar, Reloader Vehicle, and Field Service Vehicle, among others, to gather accurate enemy intelligence.


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