The people of Gilgit-Baltistan desire to join India | Viral Video

Publish Date: 12 Jan, 2023 |

For the first time, there was a significant anti-army uprising in Gilgit-Balochistan. The public is protesting the government of Pakistan over land seizures and tax increases. The Pakistani army has reportedly been stealing local people's land for years, according to a report by the news agency ANI. But for the first time, there was widespread public opposition to the army.

Army grabbing lands to earn illegal money

Army soldiers had arrived in the Gilgit region's Minawar village to destroy the locals' possessions. Following that, the locals started yelling insults at the army. People claim that the army is routinely seizing private property to make illicit gains. People in the surrounding areas are also supporting the Minawar village residents who are resisting the troops. Many demonstrators assert that they will not be allowed to occupy the land, even if the army shoots them.

Protestors video goes viral

The demonstrators' particular demands include the opening of the Skardu-Kargil road, political empowerment, and the reinstatement of subsidies. The local population is hostile toward the Pakistani army. People can be seen shouting in front of the army and declaring that they will not permit the Pakistani Rangers to occupy their land in a number of videos that have appeared on Twitter. In a video posted on social media, it can be seen that the locals chased away the army personnel who had come to claim the land for establishing the camp.


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