The plane collided with the dome of the temple in Rewa, Pilot killed in plane crash | Rewa Plane Crash

Publish Date: 06 Jan, 2023 |

Rewa, Madhya Pradesh, has experienced a significant accident. Here, a trainee has lost his life in a plane crash. The plane crash claimed the life of the pilot but gravely damaged the intern. The nearest hospital has taken up the injured. A technical team from Mumbai will arrive by this evening to look at the situation. The collision is thought to have occurred because of heavy fog.

Reason for plane crash

It was a strong fog that caused this mishap. Due to adverse weather and fog, the Paltan AVSN Academy plane, which was operating close to Chorhata airport in Rewa, crashed into the dome of the temple after striking a mango tree in Umri village at 11:30 on Thursday night. The temple's dome also cracked and fell to the ground as a result of the plane's impact. The plane's impact on the temple's dome was so violent that pieces of it flew away.

Police gives information about the accident

Pilot Vimal Kumar Sinha perished at the scene of the crash, according to the police, while student pilot Sonu Yadav suffered critical injuries. Fog is cited as the accident's cause in the preliminary investigation. He is now a patient in the Rewa hospital. The student aircraft took off in the middle of the night and crashed on the temple's dome close to Umri village.


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