The rain ruined the wheat-mustard crop, farmers' backs broken due to heavy losses

Tarun KohliPublish Date: 20 Mar, 2023

Farmers' anxiety has escalated in numerous regions, including Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Bihar, due to rain, hailstorms, and strong winds. The crops in the fields have suffered severe damage from hail and rain. The weather had the biggest impact on the farmers' crops out in the fields. The majority of the wheat crop has failed, which will have an impact on productivity. The mustard crop has also sustained a great deal of harm. The rain has also damaged vegetable farmers. Strong winds have also damaged mango and litchi. Mango and litchi production this year could decline as a result of this circumstance.

This weather is expected to last till March 20

Although similar weather is expected through March 20, according to the meteorological department. Farmers have urged Chief Minister Manoharlal Khattar and Agriculture Minister JP Dalal to compensate the government for crop damage.

When Shakti Singh, the district's deputy commissioner, was mentioned in this context, he stated that the government would be informed of the farmers' demands. The administration is currently evaluating the harm done by hail and rain. Additionally, he requested that the farmers post information about their losses on the government-created portal for compensation.

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