The weather in Delhi-NCR turned to light drizzle and high gusts; find out the situation of other states

Publish Date: 01 Mar, 2023 |

The heat has set a new record for this time of year in February. In 146 years, February has been the warmest month. Nonetheless, the weather in several states has shifted since the beginning of March. In the nation's capital, Delhi-NCR, the weather has been nice since the morning. From the morning, Delhi-NCR has had strong winds and mild rain.

In the nation's capital, Delhi, the weather has changed. It is raining and there are heavy winds at this time. North-West Delhi, South-West Delhi, and surrounding parts of Delhi-NCR may get mild to moderate rain during the course of the next two hours, according to the Meteorological Department.

Weather in UP

The majority of UP's districts are expected to experience typical weather today, according to the meteorological department. Throughout this period the sky will also be clear, as well as there is no hope of change in the weather. Yet, many of the UP regions that border Delhi may experience a change in the weather.

According to the Meteorological Office, Jammu and Kashmir could experience rain or snow over the next 48 hours. The Meteorological Department predicts that most locations in Jammu and Kashmir could experience mild to heavy snowfall or rain from March 1 to March 2.


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