The Yogi government is prepared to take action against the more than 4000 madrassas in Uttar Pradesh

Tarun KohliPublish Date: 23 May, 2023

The Yogi government is once more prepared for vigorous action in UP. Please be advised that big plans are being made to soon take significant action against more than 4000 illegal madrassas. The reason why this is being done is now under question. A report claims that approximately 4000 madrassas use foreign funding in their operations.

If media sources are to be believed, Yogi government may experience significant change after May 24. Until the Madarsa Board exams are held, the administration has put a stop to the action. Throughout the state, unrecognised madrassas were surveyed by the state administration last year. 8441 madrasas were discovered to be functioning unlawfully according to the survey report. 

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