There will be a 'current of inflation' in UP! Electricity prices may increase

Publish Date: 10 Jan, 2023 |

In Uttar Pradesh, domestic electricity prices could rise (UP). The businesses have requested an increase in electricity prices of 18 to 23%. The residents of Uttar Pradesh can soon experience a costly electrical shock in the new year. The state's power firms have submitted an Annual Revenue Requirement (ARR) to the Uttar Pradesh Energy Regulatory Commission for the years 2023–2024 that includes a planned average increase in electricity rates of 15.85 percent.

Companies sent proposal to government

This proposal has been submitted by the businesses to the Electricity Regulatory Board. The state's BJP administration must now decide whether to approve the hike in electricity prices or not. The Electricity Regulatory Board received a proposal from the power companies that calls for raising the tariffs of electricity supplied to the industrial sector by 16 percent, the commercial sector by 12 percent, and agriculture by 10 to 12 percent.

What did the proposal say?

The power companies' proposal stated that they would be raising the rates at which they provide electricity to the industrial sector. According to the proposal, electricity tariffs for the industrial sector would rise by 16 percent, those for businesses would rise by 12 percent, and those for agriculture would rise by 10 to 12 percent.


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