Face Yoga to prevent dehydration this summer | Power of Face Yoga Season 3 Ep 1

Ayushee JoshiPublish Date: 26 Mar, 2023

Face yoga is back with another season. Mansi Gulati, an award-winning face yoga expert, demonstrates how to keep moisture and water in your facial skin during the summer. Try these easy-to-do facial yoga poses to combat dehydration in the summer. 

Face Yoga for hydrated skin

Because the skin is a very sensitive organ in the body, it requires more than just product application. It necessitates a more comprehensive approach that will allow your inner beauty to show through. This includes eating fresh and seasonal foods, exercising regularly, and living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Facial Yoga is a conscious technique for doing the same, enabling you to treat your skin with compassion while reconnecting with your inner self.

In the video, you can learn simple face yoga which can improve blood flow to the head and facial area, which will further support naturally radiant skin tone. When you exercise or engage in a mindful Yoga session, your muscles feel tight and strong. Similarly, if you frequently practice face yoga, your facial muscles will feel toned and will give you the impression of having a natural facelift.

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