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2022 is on the verge of ending and we are going forward in 2023 with a lot of excitement and enthusiasm and leaving behind some bad incidents of 2022. 2022 had some major events that gained a lot of attention all over the world and became problematic for a lot of people. Let’s take a look at 7 major events that took place in 2022.

Russia Ukraine war

Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, which increased the tensions between the countries. The invasion killed a lot of people and created Europe's biggest crisis since World War II. The war attracted a lot of attention from all over the world. A lot of Ukrainian cities were hit by Russia.

Iran protest

The Islamic Republic faced the biggest challenge. The protests began when Mahsa Amini was arrested and killed in police custody because of not wearing proper headgear. Hundreds of people protested against the government. More than 140 cities took part in the protests against Hijab.

Taliban in Afghanistan

The situation completely changed after the Taliban gained control over Afghanistan. After the return of the American army, the Taliban took over Afghanistan. After the control, many Afghanis fled from the country. Since Afghanistan has gained control over Afghanistan, they have changed the entire situation of the country.

Economic Crisis in Sri Lanka

2022 was one of the worst years for Sri Lanka because Sri Lanka went through the biggest economic crisis in history. Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister said that the economic crisis has begun in the country and they were not able to fulfill the basic necessities. This led to a lot of protests and retaliation from the citizens. 

Canada Immigration Policy

After the implementation of the new immigration policy in Canada, the problem of labour will be finished. Canada has created measure to increase the number of immigrants entering the country. And according to new policies, by the year 2025 Canada will welcome around 5 lakh immigrants every year. 

Ban on Abortion rights in America

In June 2022, the Supreme Court of US changed the decision of the Roe v. Wade of 1977 which provided the constitutional right to abortion. Before Roe v. Wade abortion was prohibited in 20 states in US. After the decision the entire world started protesting against the decision of America.

Lost luggage crisis in Europe

In 2022 advice was given to the people travelling to Europe that they do not use black suitcases. This was because the airports were facing a lot of problems in organizing the luggage and providing better services to the customers. People were recommended to use colourfull suitcases. Images of airports filled with unorganized suitcases started going viral. 


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