Things Unmarried Girls Are Tired Of Hearing

Publish Date: 06 Jul, 2022 |

We're sure you've heard these statements or comments in your daily life and functions if you're single. Our Indian aunties, coworkers, relatives, and friends will not stop until every young person they know is married off. Grab some popcorn and watch this video.

Here are some common dialogues which made all the unmarried people tired hearing of.

“Itni Umar Ho gyi, Shadi kyu nahi ki abhi tak?”

“Ab tumhari umar tinder ki nahi pr jane ki hai”. 


“Mera to hogya (Baby) tum kab karoge?”

“Have you Found someone yet?”

“Tu Khush Hena? (Being Single)”

“Unmarried Girls are like Khuli Hui tijori.”

“My relative is really handsome. Perfect Match For You. Baat Chalau?”

“Sab Kuch Thik Thak Hena? (pointing on sexual health)”

“Biological Clock is Ticking”

And sooo on…..


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