This leader predicted about CM Mamata, 'Bengal government will not run for 6 months and will be arrested soon'

Publish Date: 28 Sep, 2022 |

The Trinamool Congress government will fall in West Bengal before the end of this year. Even Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee herself can go to jail. West Bengal State BJP President Sukant Majumdar made this claim on Tuesday. He not only 'predicted' but also explained the reason for it. He said, “If Mamta will be in jail, then who will run the government!” Trinamool Congress has hit back at Sukant Majumdar's claim. Party spokesperson Kunal Ghosh said, "If the government is changed with the help of CBI-ED, then people from the investigating agency should be appointed to the posts of governor, chief minister."

Sukanta Majumdar said, “We are hopeful that such a situation will arise by December. Most of the state ministers, I don't know whether they will have chief ministers or not! Because the Chief Minister himself may have been in jail. If this happens then surely this government will fall. Who else will run this government except Mamata Banerjee!”

Mamta Banerjee destroyed the sanctity of Durga Puja- Dilip Ghosh

BJP leader and film star Mithun Chakraborty also claimed to be in touch with the TMC MLAs. Mithun Chakraborty said, 21 MLAs of Mamta Banerjee's party are in touch with us. Now the time has to wait. West Bengal BJP vice-president Dilip Ghosh said that Mamata Banerjee inaugurated Durga Puja during Pitru Paksha. Ghosh said Mamata Banerjee destroyed the sanctity of Durga Puja by inaugurating it on Pitru Paksha. All the actions of Mamta Banerjee are wrong, so there was a mistake in chanting mantras while worshipping Goddess Durga. 

TMC claims conflict within BJP

TMC spokesperson Kunal Ghosh said that all these comments are actually evidence of internal conflict within the BJP. In BJP there is competition going on within the party. Why BJP leaders of the state are facing existential crisis. Gemini is a face. They have been sent here again, because the leadership has realized that they are incompetent.


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