Threatening to kill by writing a letter to Civil Judge Ravi Kumar Diwakar hearing the Gyanvapi case

Publish Date: 08 Jun, 2022 |

Civil Judge Ravi Kumar, who is hearing the Gyanvapi case in Varanasi, has received death threats. This threat letter has been given by the Islamic Aagaz Movement. Actually the Judge had ordered the proceedings of Advocate Commissioner at Gyanvapi in Varanasi. Varanasi Police Commissioner said that nine policemen have been deployed to protect the judge and the matter is being investigated.

Letter viral on social media

Varanasi Police Commissioner A Satish Ganesh said that Judge Diwakar has received a letter by registered post, in which some more papers are attached, and information has been given on his behalf. He said that Varanasi Deputy Commissioner of Police Varuna has been entrusted with the investigation of the matter. A total of nine policemen have been deployed to protect the judge and their security is being reviewed from time to time.

The letter sent to the judge has also gone viral on social media. The letter reads, "Now the judges are also drenched in saffron. The verdict is pronounced to please the extremists Hindus and all their organisations. After this, the blame is thrown on the Muslims of divided India. You are doing judicial work. , you have the protection of government machinery. Then how are your wife and mother Shree afraid...? Nowadays judicial officers are showing trickery by looking at the wind. You have made a statement that inspection of Gyanvapi Masjid complex is a normal process. You are also a pagan (pagan). You will declare the mosque a temple."

The judge had expressed concern about security in the judgement

Civil Judge Senior Division Ravi Kumar Diwakar had expressed concern about his safety 30 days ago during the decision related to the survey in Gyanvapi. In this decision, he had ordered to conduct the survey of Gyanvapi again, in which it was said that whether the survey is done by opening the lock or breaking the lock, it should not be stopped.

In this judgement itself, he had written – An atmosphere of fear has been created by making the ordinary case extraordinary. The fear is so much that my family is constantly worried about me and my family. When I am out of the house, my wife is worried about my safety. On May 11, my mother expressed concern about my safety. Perhaps they had come to know that I was going to Gyanvapi as a commissioner. My mother also forbade me not to go to the commission, because there could be a threat to my safety.


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