Tillu Tajpuriya Murder: CCTV footage of Tillu being attacked multiple times by knife, watch video

Tarun KohliPublish Date: 05 May, 2023

CCTV footage from Tillu Tajpuria’s murder in Delhi’s Tihar Jail on May 2 has come to light. In this, it is clearly seen that four individuals are repeatedly hitting Tajpuria with knives 40 to 50 times each.

With the use of a sheet, 6 to 7 prisoners descend from the jail's first level, and the inmates confined in the high-risk area enter Tillu’s barrack. To save his life, Tillu comes out from the Tajpuria barrack. However, the prisoners engaged in the gang war carried out at least 100 attacks with sharp objects. 

Tillu Murder CCTV Footage

Six people are seen hitting Tajpuria multiple times in the head, back, shoulder, and neck in the CCTV footage of the attack. Tajpuria attempted to fight back throughout the assault, but the attackers overpowered him and dragged him outside the cell. According to the police, the attackers from the rival Gogi gang entered Tillu Tajpuria’s cell from the second level of the jail and carried out the attack.

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