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Publish Date: 15 Nov, 2022 |

The top 4 cafes in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam that provide the greatest vegan meals are detailed in this video by travel vlogger Anu. This is your chance to build a list before your trip to Vietnam if you are considering it. Watch the whole video now to discover more information about these cafes.

Top 4 Cafes In Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City

Shambala Restaurant  Ho Chi Minh

The restaurant has a lovely, calm ambience. Set in an opulent and peaceful environment with amazing Tibetan-inspired design and lovely Tibetan music. Discover exquisite  vegetarian Vietnamese food in Beautiful environment. 

Coma Coffee, Ho Chi Minh

Coma Coffee is a pleasant spot to drink coffee and take in the scenery. Anyone who desires to live virtually will find the store's stunning and distinctive design to be quite fitting. Your fatigue might be relieved by the bakery's delectable pastries and coffees.

Kumquat Hoi An

A fruit with the name of "kumquat" is wonderful for marmalades, juices, and/or cookery. The place also provides cooking lessons to people who are interested in learning, and the veggies used in the eateries are fresh and hand-picked.

Mun Cafe Hoi An

Mun Coffee excels in all of these areas, which include a peaceful setting, quality beverages, and robust internet. It’s indeed an Instagram worthy place with some of Hoi An’s best smoothies and coffees in ques. It’s a must visit place in Vietnam.


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