Top 5 Affordable Fun Activities For Your Kids At Home | Himani- Watch Video

Aditi ShrivastavaPublish Date: 12 Oct, 2022

As parent we always try to keep our children engaged and make them learn constructive activities. There are many fun activities which children can adopt and it not heavy on the parent’s pockets. We bring you many interesting ways which are affordable and will keep the child entertained for longer periodof time. 

Lets check out the activities you can plan with your kids.

  1. Gardening and Watering the Plants- It is one of the most suitable activity to do with your kid. This will keep them calm and instill education for the preservation of our ecosystem. 

  2. Treasure Hunt- Treasure hunting is a mind-boggling and advenurous activity which keeps a child intrigued. It helps to sharpen the observation power as well.

  3. Colouring and Painting- This activity is favourite of almost all children. Introduce your child to different shapes and colouring techniques to enhance their imaginative and creative abilities. 

  4. Watching the Birds and Sky on the terrace- It is important to keep children away from the mobiles and technology because a ward should know how to appreciate natural beauty.Children take immense pleasure in finding out various shapes of animals in the clouds.

  5. Science and DIY Experiments- Use Soda or ENO salt to do various experiments with your child. This will help to increase their scientific ability. Eg, making volcano, water cycle table etc. 

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