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Publish Date: 28 Nov, 2022 |

We are all aware of how crucial it is to stretch our bodies to relieve pain. Influencer Rashmi Rai demonstrates the best upper body stretches in this video. These body stretches are really basic and straightforward. View the entire video right away to learn more about these stretches.

Top Upper Body Stretches

Cobra Pose- The cobra pose stretches your abdominal muscles, lifts your chest, and strengthens your back.

Child’s pose- The spine is lengthened and stretched by doing the Child’s pose. The soreness in the neck and lower back is relieved when done correctly, while supporting the head and torso.

Neck Stretch- Neck stiffness can be relieved by loosening up the stiff muscles along the back of the neck, strengthening up the muscles in the front of the neck, and generally improving posture.

Self hug stretch-Your upper back and the muscles in the back of your shoulders can both be stretched out with this workout.


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