Toppers Success Story: Know IAS Bhor Singh Yadav and IAS Anjali Yadav Succes Story, strategy, Preparation Tips and Interview

Publish Date: 18 Aug, 2021 |

Toppers’ Success Story:

It must be noted that when a married couple gets to work together, people expect that the team of husband and wife will surely bring about some positive change in the concerned sector, and hence, the pressure of performing well also increases. Well, somewhat resembling this is Today’s IAS Topper success story of a married couple posted in a district of Jharkhand.

A young IAS officer Bhor Singh Yadav started serving in the Goda district of Jharkhand from5th July 2020 onwards as the Deputy Commissioner, and now, his wife IAS Anjali Yadav has obtained office as a Deputy Development commissioner of Goda, Jharkhand. 

Pass out of the UPSC IAS 2015 batch, Anjali passed her IAS Civil Services Exams in 2015 and was allotted the Nagaland Cadre. However, after getting married to the IAS Officer Bhor Singh Yadav, she was transferred to the Jharkhand cadre.

Goda district is the first place, where the couple will have to perform their duties at such prominent and senior positions. People of Goda are expecting a lot from the married IAS couple Bhor Singh Yadav and Anjali Yadav. It is their current duty to keep the Goda district of Jharkhand safe from severe consequences of the Covid-19 virus, and also have to provide all the migrant workers of Goda employment opportunities under the MNEGA scheme of the government. 



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