Trendy Nail Art Ideas | Best Nail Art Designs of 2021- Watch Video

Publish Date: 14 Dec, 2021 |

Best Nail Art Designs:

Along with the face, nails also play an important role in enhancing beauty. Beautiful nails can captivate anyone. In such a situation, getting long and attractive nails is every woman's dream. In such a situation, many women resort to nail art to make their nails more attractive. At the same time, with nail art, people's eyes stay on your hands. There are some styles in the fashion industry, which are never out of fashion. For example, the fashion of polka dot print also never gets old. Some people also call this fashion polka dot as bobby print. You can also give a beautiful design to the nails by shining the nails with nail art. Nail art may seem complicated to look at but you can easily give a beautiful look to the nails at home. In such a situation, here we will tell you about some easy and trending nail art designs. 

Free Hand Polka Dot 

For a free hand dot, you can make a medium size polka dot print with any matte nail paint.

Half Moon Style

If you want to show off your nails, then you can also create a half polka style in the shape of a half moon. This design is made very quickly and is also easy to make.

ZigZag Design

This nail art is very easy to make. If you are not able to give it its perfect shape, then all you have to do is apply a nail paint on your nail. After this, after it dries, you apply transparent cello tape and then apply another nail paint. In this way, with the help of transparent cello tape, you can create the desired design in a perfect way.

Black and white 

You can also create white colored polka dots on black nail paint. On the other hand, if you want to make a black polka dot, then you can try this print on any light shade.

Glitter Nails 

Everyone likes light glitter. To make your look simple, use glitter on one nail of both the hands. If you like glitter in nail art, then apply glitter on your ring finger. It looks more beautiful.

Chrome Nail Art

The marble look also looks great in nails and you can prepare it with the help of plastic cover. Just apply a coat of base color first and now crunch the plastic cover. Then apply a coat of another color and dab the crunched plastic cover over the nail paint with very light hands. Now your chrome nails are ready.


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