Tunisha Sharma Suicide Case: Why was Tunisha Sharma admitted to the hospital 10 days before the suicide

Publish Date: 26 Dec, 2022 |

TV and Bollywood actress Tunisha Sharma, who was seen in the film Dabangg 3 with Salman Khan, committed suicide on the sets of TV a day before Christmas. Police have confirmed the death. Her body has been sent to the hospital for postmortem. The police say that the investigation of this case was done in both the ways of suicide and murder. 

Actor Sheezan Khan arrested

Actor Sheezan Khan, who worked with Tunisha Sharma, has been arrested following allegations by her family. In this case, the police are getting much important information. According to the Mumbai Police, Tunisha and Sheejan came close to each other during the start of the serial Alibaba and later entered into a relationship, but Tunisha Sharma was under stress after Sheejan's betrayal.

Tunisha had an anxiety attack 10 days ago

The uncle of the actress revealed during a conversation that his niece had an anxiety attack 10 days ago, after which she was admitted to the hospital. According to him, Tunisha had also said that she had been cheated. Tunisha's uncle said in a conversation with an English news website, "Tunisha and Sheezan were very close to each other since the beginning of their show. About 10 days ago, Tunisha had an anxiety attack. and she had to be hospitalized. When her mother and I went to visit her she said she was wrong and had been cheated on. We felt something was wrong between them. Her mother told her that if the relationship If didn't want to keep it, then what was the need to come close? All we want is that whoever the accused is, he should be punished."


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