Tunisha Sharma Suicide: Suicide after breakup? Co-star Sheezan arrested in death case- Watch Video

Publish Date: 25 Dec, 2022 |

In connection with the death of serial 'Alibaba Dastan-e-Kabul' actor Tunisha Sharma, the Mumbai Police arrested her co-star Sheezan Mohammad Khan on late Saturday night. Sheejan was accused by Tunisha's mother of abetting her suicide. Police has imposed IPC section 306 on Sheejan. Tunisha's body was found hanging on a noose in the make-up room adjacent to the serial's set in Naigaon on Saturday. This makeup room belongs to Sheejan only. However, Sheejan has told the police that he had gone out. When he returned, he found the makeup room door locked from inside. The door did not open even after knocking for a long time. Then he broke it.

According to Sheejan, when he went inside, Tunisha was hanging on the noose. She was taken down and taken to the hospital. Where the police was informed after the death was confirmed. At the same time, according to Tunisha's mother, there was a relationship between her daughter and Sheejan. He has alleged that Sheejan had broken up with Tunisha in the past. This upset Tunisha. Police say that Tunisha has not written any suicide note. The police is also probing it from the angle of murder. All the evidence is being collected.


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