Two of the seven gunmen in the Ateeq Ahmad gang's murder of Umesh Pal identified, The STF active

Publish Date: 26 Feb, 2023 |

The UP Police has stepped up its investigation into the murder of Umesh Pal. Police have located four attackers based on Surveillance video. According to the press, Guddu and Armaan, two of Atiq's goons, as well as his son Asad, attacked Umesh Pal.Criminals have been caught on camera using bombs and bullets to attack in front of Umesh Pal's home.

Sketches of the shooters made by police

The police also used the witnesses who were on the scene to create sketches of the shooters. To apprehend the identified gunmen, various police units and the STF are conducting raids. Raids have also been carried out in a number of UP and MP districts, including Purvanchal, in addition to Prayagraj. 8 police officers and numerous STF teams are working to apprehend the perpetrators.

Both Umesh Pal, the key witness in the infamous Raju Pal murder case in Prayagraj, and his bodyguard Sandeep Nishad were fatally murdered on Friday night. Umesh Pal was shot and bombed outside his home in the vicinity of the Dhumanganj police station by unidentified gunmen.


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