Typhoon Nanmadol: Powerful storm in Japan, more than 60 injured and thousands homeless

Publish Date: 19 Sep, 2022 |

The powerful storm 'Nanmadol' has started creating havoc in Japan. Nanmadol hit southwestern Japan on Monday with rain and strong winds. One person has died and another has gone missing due to this storm. This powerful storm is now moving north towards the capital Tokyo. On Sunday, the storm caused great destruction in the Kyushu area as a disaster.

During this, the dirty water of the rivers filled the roads and the electricity of the houses went out. According to Japan Meteorology, the speed of the storm is being reported as 108 kmph. The wind speed is expected to increase further. At the same time, there is a possibility of destruction due to storms and heavy rain in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto cities of Japan. 

Bullet trains and airlines suspended

Bullet trains and airlines have suspended services in the country due to the storm. Relief and rescue teams have come on alert mode after warnings were issued regarding landslides and overflowing rivers. Convenience store chains and delivery services were temporarily closed in southwestern Japan. While movement was banned on some highways. At the same time, problems arose in people's cell phones due to the sound of the storm.

About two million people in Japan were asked to move elsewhere. An extraordinary 'special warning' was issued by the Meteorological Department due to the devastating storm Nanmadol. Japan's news agency NHK had said that this powerful storm could hit at any time on Sunday.

Emergency issued

Weather officials have issued an emergency warning for high winds and storm surges in Kagoshima Prefecture in southwestern Japan. He said that this powerful storm can cause huge destruction. This storm occurs only once in a few decades. The administration has directed about two million people in southwestern Japan to move to a safer place. Due to this, more than 500 flights of Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways have been canceled.

The weather agency has forecast rain up to 50 cm by Monday afternoon. It has also warned of floods and landslides. He urged residents of the affected areas to move to safer places as soon as possible, warning of strong winds and floods from the storm.


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