UK NEW PM: Rishi Sunak's protest intensifies, questions on Suella Braverman's return

Publish Date: 31 Oct, 2022 |

After a long struggle, Rishi Sunak got the post of Prime Minister in the British. After taking oath, he took many big decisions. One of them was the return of Interior Minister Suella Braverman, who resigned over a security breach. But now due to this decision, he is facing criticism.

Opposition not happy with the decision

Leader of the Opposition and Labor MP Yvette Cooper on Sunday reprimanded Sunak for his irresponsible decision. He says that this decision of the PM can once again become a threat to the national security of the country. Cooper said that Sunak had taken the worst decision by appointing a minister who had violated the ministerial code on security lapses six days ago. 

In the midst of such situations, national security is also important and should not be ignored. Braverman took this step in a breach of the Ministerial Code by sending secure information from his personal email. Sunak re-appointed him as Home Minister last Tuesday.

Reason for Braverman resigning

Braverman, 42, had to resign from the position during Liz Truss's tenure for violating the ministerial code. It was only after Braverman's resignation that the Liz Truss government was in crisis. Braverman, like Sunak, is also a supporter of Britain's exit from the European Union. The BBC quoted Alistair Carmichael, the Liberal Democrats' spokesman for Home Affairs, as saying: "Suela makes a mockery of Rishi Sunak's claims of bringing integrity to Braverman's appointed No. 10 


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