UK PM Election 2022: Boris Johnson's supporters making the path of Rishi Sunak difficult. Britain PM

Publish Date: 01 Aug, 2022 |

Culture Minister Nadine Dorries, one of the loyalists of former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, retweeted a photo on Sunday. However,Shehimself came under criticism for his action. The photo is being described as displaying a 'dangerous and unpleasant' image. Doris is one of the vocal opponents of Sunak, the front-runner for the post of Prime Minister. She is backing Secretary of State Liz Truss as Johnson's successor. 

What was in the tweet?

Indian-origin Rishi Sunak is also included in the race for the next Prime Minister of Britain. She Retweeted a picture on Twitter that shows Johnson dressed as Roman leader Julius Caesar, while Sunak is shown stabbing him in the back. Its reference is believed to be from Caesar's assassin Brutus.

One of his colleagues said that some people would certainly want to be intentionally offended. Doris had previously attacked Sunak's expensive dress sense as a sign of his lack of contact with the British electorate and also accused him of leading a coup against his former boss.

Targeting Sunak and his supporters

Business Minister Greg Hands, who is supporting Indian-origin Sunak for the post of Prime Minister, in a conversation with Sky News, termed this post as "very frightening". "I have found it very unpleasant,"He said. Doris had earlier targeted Sunak for her expensive outfit. 

The British Culture Minister also accused Sunak of carrying out a ruthless coup against his former boss (Boris Johnson). Significantly, Rishi Sunak was the first minister who resigned expressing no confidence in Boris Johnson. After this there was a flurry of resignations of the ministers. About 50 ministers resigned from the Boris Johnson cabinet.


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