UK PM Election 2022: Shock to Rishi Sunak's campaign, clash with Liz Truss | Britain PM Election- Watch Video

Publish Date: 31 Jul, 2022 |

On Saturday, Rishi Sunak's campaign for prime minister of Britain suffered a significant blow. In fact, a former contender has declared support for Liz Truss, his adversary and the foreign minister. The head of the House of Commons foreign affairs committee and a Tory MP named Tom Tugendhat stated he preferred the truss to the pledge of immediate tax cuts. The party leader was on the list of contenders earlier this month before being eliminated from consideration for the position.

The former British Army officer claimed that after seeing the candidates in a live, televised discussion, he had come to the decision to support the truss. He stated in a publication that Liz has consistently represented British principles both at home and abroad. With the reins of power in her hands, she will definitely advance with a determination to make the nation considerably safer.


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