UK PM Election: Big difficulties for Rishi Sunak in the election of the leader of the Conservative Party

Publish Date: 08 Aug, 2022 |

Former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak's difficulties are increasing in the election for the post of leader of the ruling Conservative Party in Britain. Now Sunak has admitted that he advocated transfer of the budget of poor urban areas to rich areas. A video of him has surfaced, in which Rishi Sunak is purportedly saying that he took money from deprived urban areas and sent it to other parts of the country. A video surfaced of a conversation with members of the Tunbridge Wells Conservative Party in Kent. His statement has been criticized by many.

What is in the clip?

In the clip, Rishi Sunak said, 'I managed to start changing the funding formula. I initially saw that funding should be given to the kind of sectors that deserve it. Because we inherited a Labor Party formula, in which all funding was sent to the deprived cities. It needed to be done as before and I started working on doing it as before. Rishi Sunak is a former finance minister of Britain. The details of the changes he made to the funding are not clear.

Opposition attack intensifies

Turnbridge is a wealthy area and has been a Conservative Party stronghold. The party has been winning this seat continuously since 1974. In the last election, the Conservative candidate had won from here by a huge margin of 14 and a half thousand votes. Observers say the latest video will further strengthen Sunak's pro-rich image. Before this, another video of him went viral, in which he was heard saying that all his friends come from rich sections.

After the new video surfaced, the opposition intensified its attack on Sunak. Labor Party leader Lisa Nandy said- 'This is a scam. Sunak is openly taking credit for making rules to transfer taxpayer money to wealthy conservative supporters. This has exposed the real face of Sunak.


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