UK PM Election: How Rishi Sunak lagged behind in the race for UK PM, how much hope is left?

Publish Date: 05 Sep, 2022 |

The countdown to the UK Prime Ministerial election results has started. The new British Prime Minister will be announced in a few hours. Indian-born Rishi Sunak is engaged in a competitive race for the position with Liz Truss, another contender from his own party. Rishi Sunak has been behind Liz Truss in nearly every pre-election survey, which was conducted before the election outcomes. Rishi Sunak, however, received the information prior to Liz Truss at the time the candidacy was announced.

UK PM election, how much is Rishi Sunak lagging?

During the election campaign, it is considered that Rishi Sunak struggled to make an impression on voters whereas his Conservative Party opponent Liz Truss succeeded. Liz Truss ran for office on a platform of tax reduction. whereas Sunak has insisted on raising the tax.

The leadership of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was questioned by a number of party leaders who quit in July of this year. During this time, Liz Truss supported Johnson but Rishi Sunak, the British Finance Minister, also resigned. Despite keeping the position until the appointment of the next PM, Johnson was forced to retire from his position as PM as well since he had lost the support of the MPs. The electoral process began as a result of this.


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