UK PM Election: Liz Truss ahead of Rishi Sunak for the post of UK Prime Minister in second survey

Publish Date: 04 Aug, 2022 |

Foreign Minister Liz Truss is ahead of her rival Rishi Sunak to replace Boris Johnson as prime minister, a new poll of members of Britain's ruling Conservative Party has revealed. Liz Truss has taken a wide lead over former chancellor Rishi Sunak. Only members of the Conservative Party will take part in the voting for the new leadership and the elected leader will succeed the incumbent Prime Minister Boris Johnson. YouGov surveyed for 'The Times' over the past five days and found that Truss has a nearly 38 percent lead over Sunak.

LIz Truss gets a huge lead

Truss, a member of the current cabinet, was supported by 69 per cent of those surveyed while 31 per cent in favour of Sunak. It is noteworthy that in a survey conducted by YouGov on July 20, where Truss got 62 percent support, 38 percent were in favour of Sunak. Regarding the latest figures, YouGov said, "In the initial race for the post of Prime Minister, 21 percent of the Conservative Party members were unable to decide how and for whom they would vote."

While 15 percent members have not yet decided in whose favour they will vote. At the same time, 6 percent of the members refused to give their preference. Based on the latest survey, currently Liz Truss is seen getting 62 percent and her rival Rishi Sunak gets 38 percent votes. According to this survey, the foreign secretary is seen getting a lead of 24 points.

Result will be announced on 5th September

Two last names have appeared in the race for prime minister in Britain. Both the candidates will now campaign among the party members across the country. Some 160,000 Tory members would then vote for him. Members will send their votes by post which will be counted on 5 September after which the winner will be announced. It will be known only on 5 September who the Tory members hand over the command of Britain.


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