UK PM Election : Liz Truss बनीं Britain की तीसरी महिला PM ,टूट गया Rishi का सपना

Publish Date: 06 Sep, 2022 |

Liz Truss has won the election for the post of Prime Minister of Britain. She has defeated Indian-origin MP Rishi Sunak in a close contest. Liz Truss became Britain's third female prime minister after Theresa May and Margaret Thatcher. Liz Truss was chosen by members of the Conservative Party as their leader and Prime Minister of the UK. Liz Truss is the 56th Prime Minister of Britain and the third female Prime Minister to lead the country.

Interested in Politics since the start

Liz Truss's inclination towards politics was visible from the time of Oxford University. She started out as a Liberal Democrat and at one point said she would abolish the monarchy in 1994. While studying at Oxford, she joined the Conservative Party. She contested two elections from Hemsworth and Calder Valley in 2001 and 2005, in which She lost.

She got his first win in 2006 from Greenwich, South-East London where She was elected as a councilor. Conservative Party leader and former Prime Minister David Cameron wanted Truss on the A list of priority candidates in 2010 and contested from the South West Norfolk seat. Two years after becoming an MP, She was elected to the role of Minister of Education in 2012. In 2014, She was promoted to the role of Environment Secretary.

Who got how many votes?

Liz Truss will become the third Prime Minister of the Conservative Party in 3 years while the fourth Prime Minister in 6 years. He got a total of 81 thousand 326 votes in this election, while Rishi Sunak got 60 thousand 399 votes. Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak participated in many programs to gain the support of their party. In these programs, both the candidates were questioned about their policies. In Britain, the party's prime ministerial candidate is decided by the votes of its members, who make up less than one percent of the UK population.



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