UK PM Election: Rishi Sunak ahead in the race to become PM, Liz Truss behind- Watch Video

Publish Date: 29 Jul, 2022 |

An unprecedented political crisis has emerged in Britain in the past two weeks. On the other hand, Rishi Sunak campaigned vigorously in his mission to be elected leader of the Conservative Party this weekend. On Saturday, after being elected the Prime Minister of the country, Sunak resolved to get Britain out of the crisis.The 42-year-old former chancellor gave an interview to 'The Times', in which he explained that the business-as-usual approach will not work in the face of the serious economic challenges facing the country.

What did sage Sunak say?

Former chancellor Rishi Sunak told the newspaper, "Being inside the government, I think the system is not working as well as it should." And the challenges I am talking about are not abstract, they are not things that have been derailing for a long time.“Those are challenges that are staring us in the face and a business mindset as usual will not be successful in tackling them,” he said. So, from the first day of being in office, I will try to get the country out of trouble.

He continued, 'I was brought up in a home with kitchen-table conservative values, my mother ran a small business, Margaret Thatcher talked about the family budget. All we care about is what we leave for our children and our grandchildren.'Sunak said, 'We have been extremely worried as a family about everything in the last few weeks.'


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