UK PM Election: Rishi Sunak lags behind Liz Truss, clears way for Truss in PM's race

Publish Date: 16 Aug, 2022 |

In the race to become PM in Britain, there is a competition between Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak to get the key to 10 Downing Street. However, Rishi Sunak is lagging behind in this race. Almost all the opinions are in favor of pole Truss. According to these surveys, Truss could become the new leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister of Britain. Truss, who became an MP for the first time in 2010, is being seen by her opponents as an opportunist. Her opponents are constantly asking these questions as to which side she is on. Truss was once a member of the Liberal Democrats. At one time she even demanded to abolish the monarchy.

Date set to elect the Prime Minister

September 2 has been set as the last date for members of the Conservative Party to elect a successor to outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson by voting by postal ballot. Now only about three weeks are left. According to the survey, Sunak has been able to bridge this gap (between Truss and himself) only marginally in recent times. Chris Curtis of 'Opinion' told that at the time the last two candidates were revealed. At the same time it was clear that all the equations are in favor of Liz Truss. Our latest opinion poll is only to find out what his lead is among party members.

Truss way ahead of Sunak

An 'opinion poll' was conducted by 'The Observer' newspaper involving 570 members of the Conservative Party. According to which 61 percent of the members have supported Liz Truss. While 39 percent have spoken of supporting Sunak of Indian origin. The members polled are eligible to vote in the election of the party leadership. The person who leads the party sits on the post of Prime Minister.

Many members have already voted and returned the ballot papers. In such a situation, there is very little chance that Truss will not become Prime Minister in September. It is clear that Sunak's biggest problem is trust. Some members support his arguments on economic issues. The opinion being formed among the members (he is not honest or is not trustworthy enough for this top post) is not enough to change the views of his members.


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