UK PM Election: Rishi Sunak plays to become PM, is in competition with Liz Truss. Britain PM Election

Publish Date: 30 Jul, 2022 |

Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss are fighting for the Prime Minister's post in Britain, while now Sunak himself has admitted that he has lagged behind in the fight. Rishi Sunak, while playing an important stake in the UK Prime Minister's election, said that he is weak in the race to become the next Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister of Britain, but he will continue his fight for every vote.

Rishi Sunak promises

He said that if he becomes the prime minister, the Value Added Tax (VAT) on energy bills paid by households as part of the winter plan will be abolished. This is a major change in his tax policies as Sunak has been insisting since the beginning that he will stay away from lucrative policies.

Rishi Sunak said the removal of VAT would save the average domestic consumer £160 and around Rs.15,500 in a year. Rishi Sunak had denied cutting energy bills during his tenure as finance minister three months ago. During that time he said that it will not be a big help to the families. But now Rishi said, 'This temporary and targeted tax cut will give people the support they need. Price pressure will ease.

Liz Truss promise

On the other hand, her rival and foreign secretary Liz Truss said during this time that she would abolish the tax as soon as she took office. Truss called it too complex, promising a full review of Britain's tax system. He also said that it should be according to the people. Truss has an edge even as Defense Secretary Ben Wallace announced he was backing him for the prime ministership.

The pair battled to garner the votes of some 175,000 party members ahead of the announcement of the election results on 5 September. Sunak said that I am seeking the support of all of you. I promise you that I am going to fight for every single vote. He warned that he is not responsible for not deducting tax and neither is he a conservative.


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