UK PM Election: Who will be the new Prime Minister of Britain, will be announced on 5 September

Publish Date: 30 Aug, 2022 |

The new prime minister will be announced on 5 September. This information has been given by quoting the Tory party. 2 names are involved in the race to become the Prime Minister of Britain. Among them, the name of Indian-origin Rishi Sunak is leading the way, who recently resigned from the post of Finance Minister of Britain.

Timetable for the leadership election

Actually it all started when the ministers present in the government in Britain suddenly started leaving the side of PM Boris Johnson. At the same time, after the resignation of more than 50 members of the government, PM Boris Johnson had to resign from his PM post.

For the time being, it is being said that the influential 1922 committee of Parliament has prepared a timetable for the leadership election of the party on Monday. 1922 Committee chairman Graham Brady told reporters that the nominations for prime minister would be officially open until Tuesday. At the same time, after the summer vacation, the new Prime Minister will be elected on 5 September.

Sunak claims himself as underdog

Sunak said that there is no doubt that I am a hidden underdog. There are forces which want the coronation of another candidate. But I believe the members want an alternative and they are ready to listen. However, Rishi Sunak did not elaborate on what those forces are but reiterated that he is not the favourite. Let us tell you that there will be a live debate between Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss on Monday. This debate will decide who will be the next Prime Minister of Britain. After this, voting will be done by postal ballot. 


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