UK PM Race 2022: Liz Truss takes over Rishi Sunak for Britain’s PM candidature, know the reason

Publish Date: 03 Aug, 2022 |

UK PM Race 2022: Questions regarding the potential candidate for prime minister surfaced after Boris Johnson's resignation in July. One name quickly rose to prominence within a short period of time. The former British finance minister with Indian ancestry Rishi Sunak, who is also the son in law of Infosys co-founder Narayan Murthy, but his triumph is currently threatened. Reportedly Liz Truss is the obstruction who is slowly overtaking Rishi in the PM candidate list

Liz Truss takes over Rishi Sunak

Sunak's reputation has taken the worst hit this year as a result of the cost of living issue, which was largely fueled by his great wealth. It should be highlighted that Rishi Sunak is twice as wealthy as Queen Elizabeth II of Britain, despite the fact that the general public is experiencing a severe financial crisis. Rishi Sunak is also under fire for failing to manage Britain's economic predicament while serving as finance minister. Sunak is viewed by some as a weak candidate against a Labor opponent, which they believe poses a threat to the party's future.

In a 2019 poll conducted by Ipsos UK, the biggest percentage of Tory voters—46%—thought Sunak would make the best prime minister. While in this poll 29 percent of respondents supported Liz Truss, a recent poll indicates that her prospects of becoming prime minister have increased to 90 percent compared to 9.09% for Rishi Sunak. These surveys reveal that the truss has gained popularity among Conservative members recently.


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