UK PM Rishi Sunak: Will Sunak's administration fail? opposition to laws governing illegal immigration grows

Publish Date: 09 Mar, 2023 |

A violent demonstration has begun over a decision made by British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. That choice relates to undocumented immigrants. Indeed, Rishi Sunak had only recently declared that his administration will shortly introduce the Illegal Migrants Bill, which would halt illegal immigrants from entering Britain. Nonetheless, there is already some criticism to this British law. The bill has been opposed by the UNHCR, the UN agency for refugees.

What did the UNHCR say?

The 1951 Refugee Convention is clearly violated by this bill, according to the UNHCR, the agency for refugees under the United Nations. According to this definition, refugees are people who are seeking sanctuary from persecution and cannot be returned back under any conditions unless they are extremely dire.

According to the agency, the majority of people leave their countries due to conflict and persecution and are unable to obtain passports and visas. They have no other option in a legal sense in this circumstance. On the basis of this, it is inappropriate to deny them asylum going forward and is against the Refugee Convention's ruling.


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