UK PM: Who among Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss will be the new PM of Britain? What will be the challenges ahead?

Publish Date: 26 Jul, 2022 |

Britain is about to get a new PM. In the race for the successor of Prime Minister Boris Johnson in Britain, Indian-origin Rishi Sunak is by far the strongest contender. However, now the survey results suggest that Sunak's dream may be in tatters. In fact, in this new survey, Foreign Minister Liz Truss has taken a 28-vote lead over Sunak in the race to become Britain's next PM.

Political division between the party

One will arrive at 10 Downing Street (Prime Minister's residence) in the next six weeks. Both the contenders have been accusing each other. Because of this, the Conservative Party is seen to be divided in front of the people of Britain and obviously the opposition parties will be completely happy with this. Along with this, it is possible for the party to suffer if anyone becomes the Prime Minister. Because many people within the party believe that Boris Johnson can lead better in the next election.

Truss gains lead over Sunak

Data from earlier this week showed Truss, 46, is expected to take a nearly 19-point lead over the 42-year-old former chancellor. According to a Conservative Party poll of 730 members on Wednesday and Thursday, 62 percent said they would vote for Truss and 38 percent chose Sunak. These do not include those who said they would not vote or did not know.

Truss has gained 24 percentage points, which is higher than the 20 point gain of two days ago. According to Sky News, Truss overtook Sunak in every age group among men and women who voted for Brexit. Sunak, however, has been a favorite of the parliamentary party. He won 137 votes against Truss's 113 among Tory (Conservative Party) MPs.


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