UK Political Crisis: PM Boris Johnson refuses to resign, reason given for not leaving office

Publish Date: 07 Jul, 2022 |

British PM Boris Johnson is under increasing pressure to step down but it seems he is in no mood to lay down arms. 39 ministers have resigned from the Boris Johnson government. There was speculation that Boris Johnson might step down as Prime Minister amid the constant resignation of ministers, but Johnson has categorically refused to leave the post.

Ministers who have resigned

The resignations started in Britain from Indian-origin Finance Minister Rishi Sunak and Health Minister Sajid Javid. 39, including Financial Services Minister John Glenn, Security Minister Richel McLean, Export and Equality Minister Mike Freer, have resigned, putting Boris Johnson's government in jeopardy. Increasing pressure on PM Boris Johnson, many senior ministers also went to PM House 10, Downing Street and asked him to resign. Home Minister Priti Patel was also among the ministers who put pressure on PM Boris Johnson to resign.

Reason for resignations

British PM Boris Johnson is in trouble after the revolt of the ruling Conservative Party MPs. The clouds of crisis are hovering over the government. Ministers have tendered their resignations, saying they could no longer tolerate the scandalous culture that has plagued PM Johnson's government for months. This also includes violating the lockdown law at the PM's residence 10 Downing Street. 

By Wednesday evening, a total of 38 ministers of PM Boris Johnson's government had resigned. Most of them were in junior positions outside the cabinet. Earlier, Sajid Javid had urged other ministers to resign, saying that he believed that the problem starts at the top.


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