Ukraine Russia war: Will there be third world war?, Putin's threat to Ukraine

Publish Date: 21 Jan, 2023 |

The Russian and Ukrainian soldiers are still embroiled in fierce combat. Both sides are acquiring weapons in order to win the war. Whereas the Russian official claims that Ukraine will soon be forced to comply with our demands... On the other hand, Ukrainian President Zelensky has requested tank supplies from western nations.

Ukraine Russia war

We will succeed, Dmitry Peskov, the military spokesman for Russia, assured reporters. For this, whatever path has to be adopted. He declared that Kyiv should support Russia's stance. They need to go forward at this point to make a deal. The removal of Russian forces from Ukraine as part of a peace agreement was one of the ten objectives earlier listed by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. The Swedish government pledged increased military assistance of $419 million on Thursday to support the Ukrainian army. Along with the infantry combat vehicle, this also features the Archer artillery system.

President Vladimir Putin's ally Medvedev warned NATO on Thursday that a Russian defeat in Ukraine may ignite a nuclear conflict, while the head of Russia's biggest church predicted the end of the world if the West attempted to destroy Russia.


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