Umesh Pal Murder Case: What will happen to the son of Atiq Ahmed and the five criminals?

Publish Date: 28 Feb, 2023 |

Umesh Pal, the primary eyewitness to the murder of Raju Pal, was attacked by seven perpetrators who arrived in a Creta car in broad daylight. Within 44 seconds, Umesh Pal and his gunner Sandeep Nishad were mercilessly slain. Even after being shot, Umesh Pal climbs to his feet and moves in the direction of his house, but the shooter does not follow. The criminals continued to assault Umesh as they entered the congested lanes.

Reward declared on the criminals

According to Ramit Sharma, the police commissioner for Prayagraj, a reward of Rs 50,000 has been set up for each person wanted in connection with the murder of Atiq's sons Asad, Ghulam, and Guddu Muslim. There is room for more prize money.

During the murder, the Sadaqat who was apprehended by the STF was operating the assailants' Creta. He is a lawyer at the High Court of Allahabad. The criminals were contacted at this time. He had been seduced by the Atiq Gang members who promised to offer him the cases involving the disputed territory. He resides in a Muslim hotel. The entire plot to murder Umesh Pal was conceived in his room.


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