Uniform Civil Code Bill: Uniform Civil Code Bill introduced in Rajya Sabha, uproar by opposition MPs- Watch Video

Publish Date: 10 Dec, 2022 |

BJP MP Kirori Lal Meena introduced the 'Uniform Civil Code Bill, 2020 in India' in the Rajya Sabha on Friday amid the heavy uproar. the implementation of the bill was strongly critisized by the opposition members. Voting took place after the introduction of the bill, in whose favor 63 votes were cast, while 23 votes were cast in the opposition. The BJP made this proposal with the aim of taking forward the promise of implementing the Uniform Civil Code in the country.

what is uniform civil code?

Let us tell you that there is a political tussle going on in the country for a long time on this issue. In this bill, it has been demanded that a National Inspection & Investigation Commission should be formed to implement the Uniform Civil Code in the country. Now a private member's bill on UCC has been introduced in the Rajya Sabha during the winter session. Uniform Civil Code is a proposal to create and enforce personal laws of citizens in India, which apply equally to all citizens regardless of their religion, gender and sexual orientation.


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