Unique ID will be created for every child going to school in UP

Publish Date: 07 Apr, 2022 |

A unique ID is going to be created for all the school going children in Uttar Pradesh. The UP government is working hard to give a concrete shape to the Unique ID scheme. The intention of the government behind creating a unique ID is that those students who leave the school midway due to any reason, will be tracked. With this, the correct beneficiaries of all those government schemes will be known. And the fraud will stop.

There are about 2.5 lakh schools in Uttar Pradesh run by the Department of Basic and Secondary Education. The number of private schools is much higher than that of government aided schools. Even after running many schemes in government and aided schools, children leave their studies in the middle. The government runs a campaign every year to search for children between the ages of six to 14 years.

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Apart from this, children studying in government and aided schools are also enrolled in private schools. In reality, where about seven crore students are studying is not clear. Meanwhile, funds for uniforms, school bags, shoe-stockings and sweaters are also being sent to the account of the parents of the children and midday-meal, free books etc. are being distributed earlier.

Reason behind Unique Id of students 

With this initiative, it will be known how many children of private schools got admission in government schools and how many children of government schools got the path of private schools. If both are not there, where are the children? For this work, the Department of Basic and Secondary Education will work together and will also take the cooperation of software agencies. A high level meeting in this regard will be held soon.




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